Creative. Savvy. Insightful.

We are the company behind "I've heard of that."

Since 1993, CSI has been an innovator in marketing, especially when it comes to healthcare and women. We put our clients first. We relate to consumers. We haven't met a challenge that we can't overcome. We know how to make news. No wonder we've catapulted so many products into household names.

Our Team

Listing the successes of the experienced folks here at CSI would require volumes. So we'll stick to some highlights.

Donna T. Pepe

Donna became the first female vice president at Johnson & Johnson with worldwide responsibility for companies in the pharmaceutical sector. At J&J, she undertook the task of elevating the issue of women's health through several initiatives, and created some of the company's most successful public relations and marketing communications campaigns. Then, with her experience, ambition and ongoing passion for women's issues, she founded Communications Strategies in 1993. As president, she has built our firm into one of the top 100 public relations agencies in the country and one of the largest independent health/science consultancies in the U.S.

Surrounded by Experts

Donna employs a team of seasoned professionals. For instance, Kathy Lauri, our Executive Vice President, Managing Director, has spearheaded healthcare consumer mobilization programs and professional education initiatives in womenÕs health, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and oncology for companies such as Wyeth, Otsuka America, Novartis, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and Acorda Therapeutics.

Beyond these few examples, all of our team members are passionate about our clients' success and provide energetic, inspired marketing communications leadership.

Connected. Smart. Innovative.

We know you care about one thing: results.

Our clients stay with us for the long haul. Why? We're on a firstname basis with key figures in the media. We can explain science to consumers. We come up with cutting-edge marketing approaches. And we put our clients first.

Courageous. Seasoned. Intuitive.

We see things from a unique perspective.

We can do what we do because our team is different, our approach is different, our culture is different. So, what is it that makes us special? Here are some of our features that really stand out.

Experience our experience.
"Experience matters" is our motto, and as an integrated marketing firm we live by it so we can give our clients the best we have to offer. Our senior staff members are intimately involved in all projects, every day, every step of the way.

Thinking outside the dot.
Creating household names takes fresh ideas. And we're the marketing communications firm that isn't afraid to go out on a limb in order to make a strong impression.

We sweat the small stuff.
Our integrated marketing team is lean and mean by design. No red tape, no attitudes, no egos. We just focus on our clients, and on getting the job done well without the (you fill in the blank).

Hungry for coverage?
As an integrated marketing firm, we get media placements faster than McDonald's sells burgers... six billion in one year for one brand alone!

We speak Consumerese.
Our clients often need their customers to understand technical or medical concepts. Our marketing communications team is well-versed in translating jargon into something customers can quickly grasp.

We're WomanSmart¨

We're a woman-owned company made up primarily of women.

What does it mean to be WomanSmart¨?

It's recognizing that women know what women want.

• Women buy or influence the purchase of nearly 85 percent of all consumer goods.

• Nearly 25 percent of women earn more money than their husbands.

• Forty percent of households with assets over $600,000 are headed by women.

It's realizing that women's economic power goes beyond household products and makeup.

The buying power and influence of women extends to products once considered male bastions, i.e., cars, computers, home electronics, stocks and mutual funds.

Women start businesses at twice the rate of men.

It's recognizing that the time to change is now.

"In a nod to surging ratings at the women-friendly cable rival Lifetime Television, (the new program executive) is gobbling up movies aimed at women and scheduling them against weekend sports shows on other networks. The company says this tactic has already boosted ratings."

-The Wall Street Journal

Being WomanSmart¨ is becoming a critical criteria for effective brand building and marketing.

•Amgen •Bayer HealthCare •Boehringer Ingelheim •Bristol-Myers Squibb •GlaxoSmithKline •Proctor & Gamble •Pfizer •Pharmacia •Merck •Novartis

It's knowing that women think differently… and women buy differently.

• Women "join" brands – they don't simply "buy" them.

• Women want a brand to extend to as many aspects of their lives as possible.

• Women don't want brands, or companies, to condescend.

• Women don't want brands or services to inconvenience them.

• Women don't want brands or services that send the wrong messages about role models and values.

Why the time is right for WomanSmart¨

The bulk of women's marketing business in the future will come from women marketers, men under 40, and multicultural marketing executives.

Marketers need the hands-on, integrated approach of a mid-sized firm who has the ability to go deep into the business and support fundamental, long-term marketing changes.

The success of women's marketing will outshine competitors and wear down resistance. A women-owned firm needs to lead the charge in women's marketing communications consulting! We have a long track record in women's health and women's marketing, and have launched the most important women's health products of the past two decades.


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